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polar bear winter weather gameWe’ve had a rough winter this year with plenty of snow, followed by freezing temperatures, followed by more snow. Needless-to-say, we are thankful our snow blower works!

Perhaps, the winter weather has been inspiration for our recent iOS game release: “Keep the Polar Bear Clean Falling Paintball Challenge.”

Here, your goal is to help the polar bear keep his winter coat as white as snow as he dodges red paintballs and other red objects at the North Pole. The game offers clues as to where the paint balls will fall. Your goal is to simply help the polar bear get out of the way!

You can review and purchase the game here:


The $2.99 purchase price includes all game features and there are no ads to interrupt your game play. The game is iOS 8 compatible and has been tested for all new iPhone and iPad devices.

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner (March 17), we have updated and released “Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Pot of Gold Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Challenge.”

You’ll need to rely on your puzzle skills – and a little bit of Irish luck – in order to solve this game of clovers.

The object is to pop the four-leaf clovers in the least amount of screen taps as possible. Each time a clover “pops,” gold coins will travel up, down, left and right on your screen and pop nearby clovers. However, some clovers require more than one tap in order to pop.

For example, tap the green clovers to immediately pop them with one tap. Gold clovers require two taps. Pink clovers need three taps, and blue clovers need four taps.

As you progress, each level becomes more difficult and challenging.

You can download this game for free here:


The game includes a Game Center leaderboard and in-game upgrades and purchasing options.

Have fun!



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