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Everybody Needs a Squeaky-Clean Reputation Online

This was an eye-opening course for me. The delivery was clear and understandable. 5 star reviews for Mountain Woods Media TrainingIt makes sense to regularly put out positive information about myself long before any negative information can show up. This is a strategy that can help anyone online. Good course. Incredibly useful for business and personal strategies so that others see you as you want to be seen, and how to dig yourself out of a hole if you or someone else has made a mess of your reputation, online. ~ Kathryn Kistner – 5 Star Review

Fantastic, Practical Introduction to SEO

If you are a small business looking to improve your search engine results, then this course will give you plenty of actionable tips and perhaps save you lots of money in SEO fees.5 star reviews for Mountain Woods Media Training If, on the other hand, you are an SEO beginner and enthusiast, then this is a great course to begin your studies. You will follow an experienced SEO specialist as he reviews 5 real-world websites from different venues and explains what they’re doing wrong and shows precisely how to improve their SEO rankings. This course is highly practical, and that’s why it’s also a very good choice to begin your SEO studies. You will also be infused, by observing how the instructor reviews each site, with a sense of how to talk to your own future clients, if you’re pursuing this field professionally, about their SEO problems and strategies to solve them. Highly recommended. (Disclaimer: Despite sharing last names, there is no family relation with nor any other knowledge of the instructor outside of Udemy).  ~ Dr. Phillips  – 5 Star Review

Pragmatic and Thorough Approach

5 star reviews for Mountain Woods Media TrainingI am three-quarters of the way through this course and I am impressed with Steve’s pragmatic and thorough approach with this course. I would recommend it to any local business owner wanting to manage and improve their online reputation. (Online Reputation Management: Negative Business Reviews)
~ Fred Schafer – 5 Star Review

 This course is good for people without any experience in online marketing or basic internet usage. ~ Jonathan Pineda – 4 Star Review

I had noticed hashtags on social media sites but didn’t understand what they were for. This course clearly explained their history and how they are used to facilitate better communication. Enjoyed the course. ~ Randy Hendricks – 4 Star Review


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Welcome to the Mountain Woods Media, LLC Training Curriculum in Search Engine Marketing, Online Reputation and Personal Development topics.

Visit the link below for a complete list of our do-it-yourself online training courses.  Once you have completed 10% of any of our courses, you will be invited to our private messaging forum where you can ask more in-depth questions.

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Earn More Sales by Increasing Local Traffic to Your Website
Promote Your Business and Earn More Sales By Mastering Yelp
SEO Workshop: Ten Effective Ways To Improve Google Rankings
 A Basic Understanding of Hashtags

Online Reputation Management Courses

Online Reputation Lab

Online Reputation Management: Earning Positive Reviews
Online Reputation Management: Negative Business Reviews

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Chess Parents: Is Your Child a Chess Prodigy?
 Earn Extra Money By Being a Sports Writer