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Developers work hard to create game apps; anxiously wait through the approval process, and then count the number of daily downloads.

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However, the reality is, users eventually become bored playing the same game over and over and eventually move on to the next new app.

Even developers are too eager to work on the next shiny toy and last years’ apps are quickly forgotten, with the exception of monthly revenue trickles.

We’ve discovered that when you update your apps, you help bring old players back to the game and introduce your game to a different generation of new players. Even new devices mean a potential herd of new players.

Think of an app update as a marketing strategy. You don’t need to incorporate every new idea into one version update. Instead, give consideration to smaller chunks of regular updates by adding one or two new features each time.

Updates, for example, can include:

  • Introducing a new character; enemy or obstacle into your game.
  • Creating additional game levels.
  • Adding a new in-app purchase opportunity.
  • Giving players an extra game life for an extended game play. Who doesn’t love an extra “life” when trying to finish a quest or reach a next level?
  • Changing or adding game music and other sounds.
  • Updating game menus and other game options for the user.

We’re in the process of updating our most downloaded apps so they adhere to Apple’s new 64-bit compliancy rules. This way, our apps will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit devices. If our top games won’t work properly on iPhone 6, etc., then we lose an entire audience of current and future players.

Recently, we’ve updated two of our free games – “Run Sparky Run: Keep Fires Burning in Dark Woods Escape Adventure” and “The Trout Family Swim and Fish Adventure.”

Our first step in updating these apps was to make them work no matter the device. Then, we added a new feature or two to help bring former players back into the game.  While working on updates for these games, we generated a few new ideas for future updates.

Game updates also give developers additional opportunities to:

  • Update screen captures.
  • Add a game video.
  • Improve keywords and other App Store Optimization (ASO) elements.

Of course, when the update has been approved, you now have something fresh that needs to be announced via app marketing.

How often do you update your apps?

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We knew eventually the day would come when we were forced to update our apps.updating apps

People (especially app designers) aren’t always keen on change or updating apps. However, when Apple released new devices and a new operating system, developers had to keep up with the times or be left behind. Sometimes, it feels like once we catch up with software updates we don’t have much “down” time before a new device hits the market. Perhaps, this is job security!

New screen sizes with the iPhone 6 and IPhone 6+ (which run 64-bit apps) meant that some of our games didn’t run properly. We wondered how many users purchased a new phone or received one as a gift during the holidays? How many are still playing our apps on iPhone 5?


During the last three months of 2014, consumers purchased the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in record numbers. In fact, during the fourth quarter, Apple shipped nearly 75 million iPhones!


Since December, we’ve made sure our recent game releases run properly on the new devices. Now, however, we’re going back to some of our earlier releases and more popular games and making sure they too will run properly on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and other new devices. While we’re at it, our updated games will include some new features; bonus point opportunities; power-ups; extra playing times; ability to make in-app purchases and more. Details will be coming soon.

trout gameOur first updated game will be the ever-popular “The Trout Family Swim and Fish Adventure” (version 3.0). This is a fun game and it’s very easy to play. The simple object of the game is to swim upstream; jump from waterfall to waterfall (without falling off) and avoid obstacles along the way.

If you’re ready for the current version (iPhone 5, etc.), follow the links for either the free version or the paid version of our game.

Free:   http://bit.ly/1CqdOJ9     Pro:    http://bit.ly/1zN9SBP