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Father’s Day started as any normal Sunday: a little extra sleep, followed by coffee and tablet surfing for the overnight news.

Sneaky Snakes on the Roof

Sneaky Snakes on the Roof!

It would quickly change.

At 9 a.m., our next door neighbor came over and rang the doorbell. He was holding a pair of binoculars and had this “you-are-not-going-to-believe-this” look on his face.

“There’s a snake on your roof,” he said.

Yep. Didn’t believe it.

Visual evidence followed as my neighbor directed me around to the side of the house and pointed in the direction of the serpent.

Yuck. Ugh. Shutter.

The black, evil creature was after a birds’ nest. You see, for the second time in three years, a family of sparrows had squeezed their way between a piece of metal and the main electrical line coming into the garage. The extra piece of metal was added last year (along with some insulation spray foam) in order to encourage the birds to nest elsewhere (like, say, IN A TREE!). However, the birds picked out the insulation and built a nest behind the “so-they-thought” protective piece of metal siding.

The birds were not happy about the slithering intruder.

Neither was my creeped-out neighbor (although the snake wasn’t his problem).

Remind you: it’s early on Father’s Day (a Sunday) and the birds are squawking away; kids are screaming and pointing and the neighborhood “men” are having in-depth, problem-solving discussions on what ” I ” should do.

I went back inside and had another cup of coffee.

Upon further investigation, the snake was stuck between the soffit and the metal trim. We suspected he ate something and his breakfast was lodged in a way that wasn’t allowing him to slither out. Perhaps, he was too greedy with the bird buffet.

Fast-forward 24 hours, the city animal control officer (and her son) came to the rescue. They borrowed our ladder; confirmed the snake was still alive and carefully removed the metal trim to free him. He had suffered some minor scraping from being pinned under the trim, but he seemed to be OK. He was taken to a local reptile expert for further care.

Of course, this snake story quickly reminded us of our iOS game “I Hate Snakes! Cobra, Rattlesnake & Copperhead Roundup” game which is available in both free http://apple.co/1gaxeTZ and paid http://apple.co/1gwSLGd versions.

Growing up in the mountains, creek stomping was a favorite past time in the hot summer months. You would put on your oldest pair of red tennis shoes, the ones with the holes in the toes, jump off the biggest rock into the eddies and pools of the three mountain creeks that surrounded our farm and spend the day stomping up and down the creek looking for blackberries, pretty quartz rocks for your rock collection, while chasing tadpoles and big crayfish that looked like miniature lobsters.

One day, at the part of the creek that ran through a large metal culvert under the driveway, a sneaky, enormous, poisonous copperhead snake came between me and the steep clay trail path that was my only way up and out of the creek. Petrified, I froze. My younger brothers were able to shoo the snake away by throwing rocks at it from the top of the creek bank, but ever since that day, I have been deathly afraid of most snakes. So shooting them with a loud, giant cannon in a pretend fantasy game seemed like a good solution to help me overcome my fear of snakes as an adult and was the inspiration for this game idea, “I Hate Snakes!”