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Mastering Yelp Promote Your BusinessWe’re not sure if it’s a great deal or not, but Yelp is now offering one free month of Yelp Ads when you sign up for a 12-month advertising package.


If you’re really “working” Yelp – updating your business profile; adding photos; earning good reviews, etc., – you might not need to commit to a year of Yelp advertising. You also need to evaluate if Yelp Advertising is worth it for your particular business niche. And, if you’ve never tried Yelp advertising before, perhaps you should give it a go for a couple of months before seeing if it’s worth blowing 12-months of an advertising budget with Yelp.

Here’s how Yelp Ads work:

Let’s say you own a local pizza restaurant and you sign up for Yelp Ads. Then, anytime a user conducts a search for “pizza restaurants” (inside of Yelp) your ad appears within the search results. This could be beneficial especially if your business listing isn’t appearing among the top search results in your local area.

In addition, if you’re running Yelp Ads, then all ads from other pizza competitors aren’t appearing in your Yelp Business Page or within your Yelp search results.

A 12-month advertising package also earns your business an “enhanced” profile that includes a photo slideshow and a customized call to action button.  This can be helpful if you don’t have time to build a sophisticated widget and want something that stands out digitally.

Is Yelp desperate for more sales?  Based in San Francisco, Yelp has fairly expensive overhead and a large call center to support and is expanding.  Yelp is also publicly traded and required to make a profit for it’s shareholders.  Their ads can be pricey compared to other advertising media you may want to evaluate.  As always, look at your advertising and marketing expenses from all angles and by all means don’t fall for a high pressure sales tactic if you call and inquire.  Also don’t over commit by throwing your entire marketing budget at Yelp if you call after worrying about one bad Yelp review.  Budget your ad dollars across your entire marketing cycle and build up momentum and traffic across multiple digital channels.

If you’re curious, you can visit Yelp.com or call (1-844-202-8082) for more information. The 12-month advertising package offer expires March 31, 2016.

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Seeing an enormous training need with our clients, we created a Udemy course on mastering Yelp so businesses and professionals can learn how to position themselves higher in this (and other) review websites and attract more customers.

Mastering Yelp Promote Your Business

All types of businesses and service professionals – restaurants; furnace repair; dentists; lawyers and more – rely more and more on local customers in order to maintain and improve sales and company growth.

“One of the best ways for local businesses to attract local customers is by using online review websites such as Yelp,” says Steve Phillips, Vice President, Mountain Woods Media, LLC.

“This is why we created a Udemy course on Yelp so businesses and professionals can learn how to position themselves higher in this (and other) review websites and attract more customers,” he adds.

The recently-released Mountain Woods Media Udemy course “Promote Your Business and Earn More Sales By Mastering Yelp” includes the following curriculum:

  • Learn more about Yelp and how it works.
  • Why Yelp can be your No. 1 business sales tool.
  • How to claim, confirm and optimize your Yelp business profile.
  • Why creating a strong photo gallery in Yelp is a key to earning more sales.
  • How to take your Yelp profile to the next level.
  • How online review websites work.
  • How online reviews are important for your business.
  • How some reviews never appear in your Yelp profile and why.
  • How to fix, repair and remove negative reviews in Yelp.
  • How to track Yelp Metrics.
  • Understanding Yelp Deals and other advertising options.

This two-hour course features 17 lectures, plus section quizzes and worksheets. Students will be able to participate in online question-and-answer discussions with other students and Phillips. Mountain Woods Media, LLC will announce “office hours” soon in which students will be able to connect live via Skype for more one-on-one training and instruction at no additional charge. Course updates will also be available for no extra fees.

“Promote Your Business and Earn More Sales By Mastering Yelp” is currently available for $159 and can be purchased at: https://udemy.com/mastering-yelp.