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Who doesn’t love bubble wrap?

You can’t resist popping those big (or little) bubbles of air when you receive a shipment in the mail. It’s easy to forget bubble wrap is used to protect your order but, instead, it becomes easy entertainment!

Therefore, we thought it would be fun to create a bubble wrap game and have released “Bubble Wrap Snap & Pop Noisy Game PRO.”

You can download the game here:

Bubble Wrap Gameow.ly/Gf9Bh

This game features two levels of playing styles: “Survival Mode” and “War Mode.”

In “Survival Mode” the object of the game is to tap and pop the colorful pieces of bubble wrap before they entirely cover the present in the center of the table.

You’ll need to be fast!

With “War Mode” you will need to tap and pop as many pieces of bubble wrap as you can before they cross your line of defense.

This game is available for $2.99, but features NO ads for uninterrupted play. Check it out here: ow.ly/Gf9Bh

Have fun!

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Just in time for the upcoming holiday, we’ve released two new game apps today!

new holiday game apps“Cats and Dogs Snowball Polar Vortex War PRO” and “Matching Clothes & Boutique Styles Flow Skills Puzzle PRO” are both now available for purchase in the iTunes Store.

Both games are for sale at $2.99 each. They contain NO ads.

“Cats and Dogs Snowball Polar Vortex War PRO” is a good two-player game which allows you to be a cat or a dog and throw snowballs at each other.

The game is available here:


“Matching Clothes & Boutique Styles Flow Skills Puzzle PRO” is a matching shopping game – a nice distraction while waiting on your friend to finish shopping or endlessly trying on new clothes at the mall.

matching clothes game appThe object is to find, match and connect shoes, slacks, hats and more in a 4 x 4 grid. Other grids are available for a tougher challenge.

The game is available here:


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Happy Halloween!

Here’s our Top 10 scary – and FREE – games you can play while passing out candy this Halloween (or while eating your candy over the holiday weekend)!


* * *

© 2013 Mountain Woods Media, LLC.

© 2013 Mountain Woods Media, LLC.

Revenge of the Fly: Escape from the Spider Web of Doom


– – –

Invasion of the Angry Tomatoes!


– – –

Green Gross Globs Backyard Invasion


– – –

Haunted Jet Ski Race at Toxic Lake


* * *

Silly Spider Bug Hunt Chase


– – –

Dark World Revolution Run: Steam Punk Escape


– – –

Scary Monster Creature Hand Ring Toss Throwing Challenge


– – –

I Hate Snakes!


– – –

Protect Octopus Treasure


– – –

Tornado Chase Severe Weather Adventure


– – –

You can also check out a complete list of ALL our games and apps here:


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Although we’re still “early” in our quest to build an app development business, we’ve recently released two more games in the iTunes Store.

They include:

Splatz And Batz http://bit.ly/10Wr5rB

Roly Poly and The Lizard http://bit.ly/15dH2sL

Downloads, reviews, play time and other factors help us determine what users liked in our game and are helping us in creating app updates and new games.

So far, we’ve been following a “theme” of woods and bugs. Some of this can be easily traced to childhood memories of living in the country and keeping ourselves easily entertained building reading perches and tree forts with natural materials (before the age of cable television and the Internet).

Roly Poly is our first game where we had no initial rejections by Apple and our first game with a Leaderboard integration to Game Center.

We’re currently working on another game, which we hope to have released in a week or so, along with an update for Little Sparky’s Forest Fire Game. Four other new games are also on the board.

What games do you like to play? What keeps you coming back and playing the same game over and over?