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We hate snow.cats and dogs

Well, we only hate it if we have to go out in it. Otherwise, it’s sometimes nice to see the frozen picture Mother Nature paints for us.

Ice? Well, that’s a different story, especially if we lose power (and our precious Internet connection).

We remember, as children (a long, long, long time ago…) snow meant school closings; building a snowman; sledding; forts; a snowball fight, followed by wet clothes and hot chocolate. We didn’t care how much snow we received or how cold it was. Bring it on!

Anymore, however, we’ll just watch it snow; check the weather forecast; make grilled cheese; sip tomato soup (with dry clothes) and make hot chocolate.

Those snow memories served as inspiration for our latest iOS game – “Cats and Dogs Snowball Polar Vortex War” http://bit.ly/snowballwar – features a cat and a dog taking advantage of a recent snowfall to have an old-fashioned snowball fight.

This free game can be played by one or two players as the cat and dog take turns throwing snowballs over the fence at each other.

Players tap and hold down on the dog or cat character to grow the power throwing meter (which measures throwing distance). Release your finger to throw!

There are also a few snowball throwing options – like the kind we wish we had in those neighborhood snowball fights – that allow you a “Double Attack” or “Three Snowballs” and more.

“Cats and Dogs Snowball Polar Vortex War” also features three different playing levels and three differed leaderboards in Game Center.

One in-app purchase allows users to turn off ads for $2.99 or, if you prefer, you can purchase our ad-free version – “Cats and Dogs Snowball Polar Vortex War PRO” here: http://bit.ly/snowballwarpro.

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