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os&iOS 7: New Features You Should Know About

In September, Apple released the latest version of its iOS operating software for the iPhone and iPad: iOS 7. Like every iOS update, the latest one introduces new features and functionality, and can take a little time to adjust to. If you haven’t updated your device yet or recently updated and want a tour of the latest features, read on to learn about the major changes introduced by iOS 7.

  • New look – The changes made to the iOS’ appearance with the latest update are more drastic than those introduced in any of the past few iOS updates. The revamped look includes colorful, flattened buttons and a new password screen, among other changes.
  • Control Center – This new feature provides easy access to essential settings and utilities. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the Center, where you can toggle Wi-Fi on and off, adjust screen brightness, and access your alarm clock, turn on the flashlight, and more.
  • Improved Notification Center – Notification Center now includes a “today” section, showing you all of your notifications for the current date.
  • New camera features – Camera includes new photo filters that change the look of your photo with the swipe of a finger. Also, quickly change between shooting formats (still, video, panorama, and square).
  • Easier updates – iOS 7 introduces automatic App updating. App updates are downloaded and installed automatically during power-efficient times, such as when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Photo sorting – Now sort photos by time, place, year, collection (e.g., “New York trip”), or moment (categories within collections, e.g., “Videos from Empire State Building”).
  • AirDrop – This new feature lets you share pictures, videos, contacts, etc., with someone nearby using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • iTunes Radio –This streaming, personalized radio station service is new with iOS 7.
  • Safari improvements – Updates made to the Safari browser include an improved search bar and a new vertical tab view.
  • Improved Siri – Siri is now faster, checks more resources, is easier to understand, and performs more tasks. Siri will now return calls, play voicemails, search Twitter, control the new iTunes Radio feature, and more.
  • Better security – New features make it harder for someone who stole your device to use it. For example, turning off “Find My iPhone” or erasing your device now requires your Apple ID and password.

Don’t forget to back up your device before you update it to iOS 7, and keep in mind that you’ll need at least 3GB of free space to download the update directly (otherwise, you can install it over iTunes).

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As you may know, an intruder attempted to secure personal information through the Apple Developer website. Apple took down the site, which is preventing iOS developers (including us), the ability to create and test new apps; download code, etc.

Today, the Apple Developer site has been down for a week.

Therefore, we created this quick list of ideas developers can implement and not worry about “down time.”

  1. You can still build games. Just get as much ready as you can and then add the Apple ID code later.
  2. Look for ways to improve older games that have lost their shelf life, including a new icon; better keywords; writing a stronger app description; localization, etc.
  3. Work on Android apps. Set up your Google Play account, etc.
  4. Sign up for PlayHaven, AppLovin and other networks.
  5. Take a look at NextPeer.
  6. Create a social media presence for your apps business, including a Facebook page, Twitter account, etc.
  7. Research other apps. Look at trends and figure out why certain apps are in the Top 10, etc.
  8. Download and play other games. We always learn something new from other app developers.
  9. Read app blogs and watch online training videos. There’s plenty available online to learn new things in app development.
  10. Join other app developer groups in Facebook. There are several groups (including a reviewer group). Very helpful.

That’s a good start!

Now, everyone here should add to this list.  We’ll publish great comments below.

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