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Case Study for an iOS Game RedesignZombie Granny

Today our game “Zombie Granny vs. Aliens Outer Space Battle” is FINALLY live in the iTunes App Store.

Insert “mini” celebration and a big sigh of relief here.

You see, over a year ago, we purchased a reskin code in order to make “Zombie Granny.” The original artwork was just OK, but we added our own sound files and tried to pep things up a bit. We conducted proper app store optimization (also known as “app search optimization” or “ASO”); picked good keywords; wrote a nifty title and description and had it translated into 28 languages; made screen captures and submitted it to Apple.

The game was rejected.

Apple told us that it mimicked too many other similar game types so our submission wasn’t going to make the cut.


We put the game on the backburner and moved on. We knew it needed a game redesign, but other priorities pushed it farther down our to do list. However, a month ago, we resurrected “Zombie Granny” and used the artwork and sound to create an entirely new game (and not a reskin). We also added a few new granny characters; picked new keywords and re-wrote the game description.

After a couple of bumps (translation: two more rejections by Apple), we were able to get the meta data fixed to our reviewers’ liking and the game was finally approved.

We didn’t give up. We just tried something different.

You can download “Zombie Granny” for free here:


Also today, we’re releasing “Polar Penguin Frozen Iceberg Treasure Hunt.” This is a cute, free fish-grabber game. It’s available here:


And, since Easter’s almost here, we’ve updated a few of our popular Easter games:

Stayed tuned! More game updates and new game releases are coming soon.