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Dr. Kevin Maples makes it sound easy:

All you need is the basic equipment and passion – and his course – and you’re well on your way to becoming a sports photographer.

Maples’ Udemy course “Make Money Shooting Sports Photos In Your Spare Time” ($19), walks students through a two-hour, 24-lecture presentation on becoming a sports photographer.sports photography course

Overall, the course is well worth the price and Maples does a great job of explaining everything from “DSLR” to “shutter speed” and “ISO.” Even if you aren’t interested in taking sports photographs, the second section on Digital Single Lens Reflex and camera settings will help you take better photos. Period.

As far as sports photography is concerned, this course is ideal for both the beginner and the photo hobbyist as some want to take local sports pictures and sell them to publications; coaches, parents, etc., while others are shooting action photos of their children; relatives and friends for personal use.

The course never gets too technical, even for this novice photographer. Some of the best tips I quickly learned included:

  • you shouldn’t take sports action pictures in “auto mode” because the camera doesn’t know what kind of photo you’re taking.
  • how your zoom lens works.
  • shutter speed.
  • ISO.
  • Camera settings that you can forget when it comes to taking sports photos and much more.

Once you are more familiar with your camera and its various settings needed in taking pictures at sporting events, the best way to improve your photography skill is to practice. The more pictures you take (and review), the better you’ll be. For example, when taking pictures during an outdoor sporting event, you’ll need to adjust according to lighting on a sunny day that might get interrupted by clouds from time to time. At an evening football game, you might have better natural light available at kickoff, but chances are good you’ll be shooting in the dark by halftime.

Later in the course, Maples goes in-depth on how to sell your sports photos either on a freelance basis or by working under a contract. Parents may hire you to take pictures of their child during a sporting event, but you may eventually seek bigger opportunities in taking more pictures for sports clubs, schools, etc.

Maples takes the course one step further by offering some ideas on how to price your photos and suggests many online and professional photo labs for print processing (and, no, you shouldn’t print your own photos; neither should you have them processed by a one-hour photo lab and Maples gives plenty of good reasons why you should order your prints via a professional lab).

The suggested price for “Make Money Shooting Sports Photos In Your Spare Time” is an absolute steal at $19 (at the time of this blog post). However, you can save $9 bucks and start taking the course for only $10 by using the following coupon code:



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