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Bad newReputation Repairs travels fast and, unfortunately, it can usually earn high rankings in Google. This means customers can quickly see:

  • Consumer complaints about your company (Better Business Bureau, etc.).
  • Business layoffs and news that hurts your firm’s image.
  • Negative reviews.
  • Lawsuits and other legal matters.

Before you know it, negative news and reviews can definitely have an impact on your business and bottom line.

So, how can your business recover in terms of reputation repair?

Let’s assume your business is facing such a scenario and doesn’t have an online reputation management program in place. Note: Developing a digital crisis program in advance will help prevent a panic rush to repair a negative online reputation.

Unfortunately, it can easily take three-to-six months (or longer) to fully repair and recover from negative search results. Here’s a simple outline you can follow in order to get started:

  • Repair negative reviews in Yelp, Manta and other online review websites first. This is the only “easy” task you will have. The best approach here is to reply to the complaint directly within the review site. Be polite and professional in your response. Apologize and offer to fix the problem. This will go a long way in showing your efforts to make the customer happy. In most cases, satisfied customers will remove the negative review or edit it so that the review is a positive one for your company.
  • Create positive news. The best way to do this is to create a blog on your website (if you don’t have one) and begin to write and publish daily blog posts about your company; your staff and your products and services.
  • Get active on social media with positive posts in Facebook (1-2 per day), Twitter (5 Tweets per day) and LinkedIn (1 per day).
  • Take photographs and post them daily in social media; Instagram; your website; review websites and blogs.
  • Record and publish 1-2 videos weekly in YouTube and Vimeo. Publish links to your videos in your blog and in social media.

It’s not going to be an easy uphill climb, but you can recover.

For more information on recovering from a negative online reputation and bad reviews for your business, visit our Udemy course “Online Reputation Management: Handling Negative Reviews” https://www.udemy.com/online-reputation-management-negative-business-reviews


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