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negative reviewsOver the lifetime of your business, you’ll find that not all customers and clients are going to be happy and your firm will be the recipient of a negative review.

It’s not the end of the world. Most negative reviews can be repaired and problems can be resolved. In fact, many unhappy customers will eventually update the review or remove it, once the problem has been corrected.

Still, there might be a stubborn customer who will never update or remove his negative review no matter what you do to fix the damage. This stubborn individual is all about revenge and tries his best to ruin your business’ online reputation.

Don’t worry. Here are some steps you can take to overcome the professional negative reviewer.

  • Always try to solve the negative review by communicating within your profile’s review area. This will show current and future customers that you are reaching out and trying to fix the review. It will later become apparent the negative reviewer has no interest in solving the problem and he will eventually appear to be the “bad” guy in this dispute.
  • Remember to remove your emotions when replying to a negative review. Be polite and professional.
  • Even if you feel you’re right, apologizing usually diffuses a negative reviewer. Most reviewers want to be happy and work out the dispute.
  • Don’t get into a back-and-forth argument with the reviewer. The more you argue online, the worse it will be for your business. Arguing shows current and future customers that you’re not willing to work with your customers on a matter and may shy them away from becoming future customers.

Recently, we helped a medical practice in California deal with a negative reviewer. By researching the reviewer’s profile, we quickly found out that he was a serial negative reviewer in Yelp and would regularly leave one or two negative reviews for businesses each week. Unfortunately, most businesses would ignore him and never respond or offer to repair the problem, which makes the negative review more valid.

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