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kitty cat photo contestNew Cat Game and a Kitty Cat Photo Contest

We live and breathe by cat pics! It’s what keeps us laughing every day! If you post a picture of your cat this week — the funnier the better — we will reward your effort with an App Store promo code that will let you download our newest game: “Meow! Lotto the Lazy Cat and the Singing Mice PRO.” This game is ad free with no strings attached. But hurry, post your kittenish cat pics before the codes are gone if you want to score a free game on ITunes and some fun cat mischief.

Cat Picture Rules

Either post to our Facebook page or shout out to us on Twitter @mtnwoodsmedia sharing your best Kitty Cat Photo.  These need to be selfie pictures of “your” cat, not a picture you sneakily snagged from someone else’s web page. But what constitutes “your” cat can also mean your sister’s cat, your neighbor’s cat, your granny’s cat or maybe a rescue cat you love to go visit at the animal shelter but can’t perhaps adopt yet. Or maybe because you have a new baby in the house or a no pet policy in your building.

So get it? Your cat picture needs to be about a special cat that you really like or know and want to tell us about and share with us. We love cat stories as much as we love cats! And if you really make us laugh, we might make a game about your cat or just send an unexpected promo code to you for another game at a later date!

A Little About How to Play this Game

The mice have been singing all night keeping the family awake. If Lotto the Lazy cat and his best pal Itty Bitty Kitty are going to earn their supper and cat treats, they are going to have to catch some of these pesky mice.

Your goal is to climb the counters and jump to various platforms in order to stop the singing mice and collect them with your friend Itty Bitty to win points.

Take turns tapping and dragging Lotto (the black cat) and Itty Bitty Kitty (the cat wearing the blue hat) from platform to platform “eating” mice and other food along the way.

You will need to place both cats under the “Finish” line banner in order to complete and level and move to the next challenge.

As you advance, you’ll find more objects to eat, but more obstacles will be in your way, so watch out for those sneaky mice and their traps!

If you listen closely to the theme music you will hear the singing mice!

“Meow! Lotto the Lazy Cat and the Singing Mice PRO” Details

kitty cat photo contest– Fun, fast finger sweep action!

– Portrait style game, perfect for your phone.

– Creative kitty comic book style characters.

– Game description has been translated in several languages

– Cheerful cat video style ukelele music.

Download it on the App Store Here!

Game Inspiration

There are two real cats named “Lotto” and “Itty Bitty Kitty” that live with my parents. They were both stray cats originally that needed a home. Lotto is lucky to be alive and thus his name. He is enormous and likes to lay on the kitchen table when my parents are asleep (which gets him in trouble!) Itty Bitty is tiny and prissy and fluffy. She has a crackly meow. She frequently whacks Lotto with her paw just to show him that she’s in charge, but they are the best of pals. They are lazy and don’t really like to catch mice, but they do love their kitty treats.


So send us your cat pics via a mention on Twitter or posting on our Facebook page and you will receive a code for a free game by private message in Facebook or via DM on Twitter.

We promise not to spam or sell your name or release any of your contact information.  This is just a fun project for all of us to spread the word about special cats!

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