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Before the coding; the artwork; the music, all games must start with an idea.

Will your audience be interested in your game? That, my friend, is the $64,000 question.

Here are a couple of ways you can do some simple research to stimulate your brain cells and generate game idhow to generate hot new game ideaseas for a hot game theme or an app.

Conduct Game Research

Within the iTunes App Store (or Google Play), start researching the most downloaded apps in various categories.

Take for example, the Strategy section of the Games category. Monsters, dinosaurs and jewels seem to be popular, so perhaps a game with one of those themes might be a good idea. Zombies and bug-smasher type games have dropped out of the Top 25, but they still remain steady.

Be sure to take the time to download and try popular apps to learn more about them and what features they have to offer. You’ll definitely generate many good ideas for your own app and how to make it better.

Follow Trends

You need to be a trend watcher and pay attention to news, sports and entertainment. Any of these information venues will generate a hot game idea.

Recently, a photographer snapped a picture of a weasel riding on the back of a woodpecker. Regardless of whether the pic was real or not, it immediately generated a ton of social media buzz and new game releases.

When “Flappy Bird” took off, many developers followed suit with their own versions, including a “Miley Cyrus” wrecking ball version.

Watch YouTube Videos

You can create many ideas from watching videos on YouTube. Some of our favorite videos include anything about animals (the more amusing the idea).

Watch the top videos in each category and keep your eye on recent additions to YouTube.

Remember the Holidays

Every holiday is a game idea. If you don’t have any holiday games, a good place to start is with your own game inventory. Take one of those games and “remodel” it into a holiday game.

One of our popular holiday games – “Escape from Frozen Turkey Meadow” – is based off the original game “Escape from Turkey Meadow.”

Keep your eyes and ears open. The next thing you hear or see could easily be created into a popular game!


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