turkey game thanksgiving“Turkey Meadow Gobble Jump & Thanksgiving Dinner Survival” Description

Help Tom Turkey and his other gobble pals escape the country farm by jumping on straw bales, piles of sticks and corn stalks and earn a presidential pardon from becoming someone’s Thanksgiving dinner!

Along your way, your turkey can earn extra “lives” for longer game play; use power boost ups and collect gold turkey coins which can be cashed in for other turkey characters.


 turkey_01_main  turkey_02_female  turkey_03_grumpy  turkey_04_zombie  turkey_plate_steaming_hw_f01

Game characters include:

  • Tom Turkey
  • Tammy Turkey
  • Mean Turkey
  • Zombie Turkey
  • Turkey Dinner





Turkey Meadow Gobble Jump & Thanksgiving Dinner Survival (Free)

Turkey Meadow Gobble Jump & Thanksgiving Dinner Survival (Pro/No Ads)

How To Play “Turkey Meadow Gobble Jump & Thanksgiving Dinner Survival” Game

Tilt your device to the left or to the right to make your turkey character jump up or down from platform to platform.

Collect coins.

Land on the grasshopper for booster speed and automatic coin collection.

Avoid pumpkins, baskets of potatoes, owls and the farmer!


“Turkey Meadow Gobble Jump & Thanksgiving Dinner Survival” Game Details

  • Two free characters (Tom Turkey and Tammy Turkey)
  • Fun and entertaining game play.
  • Unlimited levels.
  • Collect coins for additional characters.
  • Unique game play
  • Catchy music during the game.
  • Awesome graphics
  • Game description has been translated in several languages.
  • Kids Mode opportunity to allow player to live forever when touching or landing on an enemy.
  • Kids Mode “off” button is also available.
  • Game Center enabled.
  • “Remove Ads” paid feature is also available.
  • Players can share game scores with Facebook and Twitter.


“Turkey Meadow Gobble Jump & Thanksgiving Dinner Survival” Inspiration

While living in the world’s smallest apartment (well, it seemed that way), we enjoyed watching the wildlife on an hilly meadow near a busy highway. Tall grass; wild flowers; trees and stumps provided cover with a nearby drinking creek for nature’s critters.

On many occasions, deer could be seen wandering the meadow, but the wild turkeys were obviously in charge. Slowly, they would appear from the woods, strutting their stuff across the field. Three turkeys would always follow the alpha male turkey as they would trek through the grass foraging for food without a care in the world. Their daily routine covered the entire meadow before they headed back to the cover of the nearby woods.

The hillside field was officially named “Turkey Meadow” (only known by us, of course) and we’d regularly watch for our turkey friends, deer and other wildlife creatures.