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Tornado Chase Game Severe Weather Adventure

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Chase the tornados, avoid the lightning and collect coins in the new tornado chase game “Tornado Chase Severe Weather Adventure.”

Each year, more and more tornado chasers emerge on the scene to track severe thunderstorms that have the potential to produce funnel clouds and tornados. For these chasers, there is something in the thrill of seeing a tornado form and filming it as it may touchdown in a field, plain or even near a city.

Storm watch groups and amateur citizens armed with smart phones and palm-sized cameras are also on stand-by alert in case a tornado forms in their neighborhood creating a swarm of television journalists eager to film a tornado and share their experiences to the world.

In “Tornado Chase Severe Weather Adventure,” you’ll become a storm chaser shooting video of tornados, while avoiding many obstacles that might get into your way along the roads and fields. To start, you’ll be driving a red pickup truck, but you’ll also have the opportunity to collect and trade in coins to upgrade to a Jeep or an SUV.


Game Play:

* Chase vehicles and camera crews will be able to shoot weather vanes in order to destroy tornados. Stronger tornados can live longer.

* Avoid lightning strikes.

* Avoid flying cows.

* Boulders and rocks cannot harm your vehicles, but they will slow you down.

* Tap in front of your vehicle to shoot weather vanes at tornados.

* Tap above your vehicle to make the auto jump over rocks.

* Tap in front of your vehicle to shoot weather vanes at and destroy oncoming tornados.

* Collect and earn coins by jumping or running over them with your vehicle.

* Earn more points by collecting green and red coins.

* Earn additional character “lives” by collecting blue coins.

* Players can mute music and sound, if they wish.

* Players can purchase coin packs to buy other tornado chase vehicles.

* Kids Mode purchase is also available. Kids Mode allows you to play the game without death.

* Players can also choose to Turn Off Ads through an additional purchase.

* Game Play mode is also available.

* Players can share game scores with Facebook and Twitter.

More Information About Tornados

Tornados are also referred to as twisters or cyclones and come in many sizes and shapes. Most tornados have wind speeds of less than 110 miles per hour and, usually, travel only a few miles before dissipating. Some tornados, although rare, have reached higher speeds and have stretched more than two miles wide. Tornados have been observed on every continent except Antarctica.