The Trout Family Swim and Fish Adventure

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Someone once said “a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work.”

It’s true.

We’d be happy just sitting on a log teaching worms how to swim and catching nothing than to be stuck in a gray cubicle knowing the fish in a nearby stream were just taunting us.

In “The Trout Family Swim and Fish Adventure” it is your turn to be the fish – a little trout to be exact – swimming upstream; eating along the way and avoiding obstacles.





Download The Trout Family Swim and Fish Adventure (Free Version)

Download The Trout Family Swim and Fish Adventure (PRO) – Available November 6, 2013


To get started playing the fishing game, choose between one of four trout characters:

  1. Trout (blue)
  2. Brown Trout
  3. Purple Trout
  4. Rainbow Trout

The object of the game is to swim upstream and “jump” from waterfall to waterfall, without falling off! As the trout moves upstream, earn points by eating flies, grasshoppers and worms. Collect bonus points by “kissing” the pink trout!  However, be on the lookout for hooks, boulders and fishermen which quickly means a quick trip to the frying pan for our little trout friend.

How To Play

Trout characters will “swim” from left-to-right on your screen. Tap the screen to make your character jump from waterfall to waterfall. Hint: Trout characters can swim close to the edge of the waterfall before they need to jump to the next one. Being patient will allow you to jump from a lower level waterfall to a taller waterfall.

Tap the screen to make your character jump over obstacles such as hooks, bounders and fishermen.

Trout eating flies, grasshoppers and worms will earn coins.
Bonus points are earned with the trout character “kisses” a pink trout. Watch for the pink trout!

For an even greater challenge, choose different trout characters as each one swims faster! The “blue” trout swims at regular speed. The “brown” trout swims a little faster. The “purple” trout swims faster than the “brown” trout and the “rainbow” trout swims twice as fast!

Use Game Center leaderboards to claim bragging rights for the best scores!

Game Features

  • Unique game play.
  • Catchy music during the game.
  • Fun characters.
  • Awesome graphics.
  • Kids Mode opportunity to allow players to live forever if the trout hits an enemy.
  • Kids Mode “off” button is also available.
  • Game Center enabled.
  • “Remove Ads” paid feature is also available.

And, of course, sharing stories of the big one that got away!

To play this game, visit the App Store.  It is free to download and play.