Splatz and Batz

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Splatz and Batz Avoidance Road Game

The summer heat has us on a round of insect games.  Picking the bug as the hero has been a fun twist for this game “Splatz and Batz”, a cheerful avoidance road game for lady bugs and their friends, now available in the App Store.

A country drive looking for yard sales was our inspiration for Splatz.  We have spent many a vacation cleaning love bugs off our windshield in Florida.  This summer, we were driving past red barns and cornfields getting “splatted” with green grasshoppers and green goo on the windshield.  We started a conversation wondering how that bug really “feels!” He was just cruising along, surveying the view and all of the sudden some giant, noisy car with humans comes along and ruins his day.  Well that wasn’t very nice.  Then throw in a few mischievous bats and it becomes a super tough day. As we were talking, we remembered the 1998  movie “Antz” and the wonderful scene where the ants go across the big canyon (creek) in a wonderful floating way. As we designed this game, we wanted the same feel for Splatz with a birds eye (or bat’s eye view) from above. So Splatz is a game to champion bugs in the environment and how they have to struggle just going along on their daily excursions, just like humans.


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Game Features

Imagine the day in the life of a ladybug (or other insect) caught in the middle of a busy highway!

You think a traffic jam is bad?

It can be a lousy day for a bug, especially when the end result is a “splat” on a car windshield!

However, in “Splatz And Batz” you can help a ladybug, locust or bumble bee avoid fast cars, motorcycles, semi trucks, car wrecks and construction zones by moving through all the traffic and earning points along the way. However, watch out, there’s a hungry bat which can be pretty sneaky!

This game features:
* Easy-to-learn game play
* Crisp graphics
* Fun game music


How to Play:

Touch your screen and move the bug character to avoid cars, trucks, motorcycles, wrecks and bats.

Rotating construction cones only slow you down, but you can maneuver through them.

Score points by collecting leaves, dandelion “puffs” and pieces of candy.

There is no extra charge for upgrading to other insect characters in this “Splatz And Batz” game.

Ads can be removed from this game for an in-app purchase of $2.99 (U.S.).  Version 1.2 now released with several updates.

Download SplatzAndBatz now! It’s FREE!

Have fun!