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Don’t pity the fly who seems hopelessly caught in a spider’s web. It’s a trap and he’s seeking revenge. He can move – and spit! – his way out of trouble even when the nasty spiders are moving in for dinner!

Your fly characters can earn extra “lives” for longer game play; power boost ups and collect golden coins, which can be used to purchase other fly characters (Shoo Fly Green, Yella Fella and Dead Red). Upgraded characters automatically come with extra “lives” for longer game play.

Download “Revenge of the Fly: Escape from the Spider Web of Doom”





How to Play “Revenge of the Fly: Escape from the Spider Web of Doom”

Tap and hold your finger on the fly characters to move him to any position on the screen.

Drag your finger around the fly to rotate.

Tap in front of the fly to spit at spiders.
You will lose a life if a spider touches your fly character.

One spider has special spitting skills!

Spiders and coins will naturally gravitate toward your fly character, so collect those easy coins, but look out!

Collect the rare green coin for an immediate power boost, which destroys all enemies; collects all coins and earns an extra character life!

“Revenge of the Fly: Escape from the Spider Web of Doom” Game Play Details:

  • Fun and entertaining game play.
  • Collect coins for additional characters.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Catchy music during the game.
  • Fun characters
  • Game description has been translated in several languages.
  • Kids Mode opportunity to allow player to live forever when touching or landing on an enemy.
  • Kids Mode “off” button is also available.
  • Upgrade opportunity available to turn off all ads.
  • Game Center multiplayer integration and leader boards.

“Revenge of the Fly: Escape from the Spider Web of Doom” Inspiration:

Whether you live in the country or city, you can always find a good spider web. Small ones for small spiders and larger ones for those who need to have plenty of food on hand when the new spider children arrive. Yuck!

We’ve been watching one busy spider on our deck spindle away making the web bigger and more detailed every night hoping to catch more prey. If an unsuspecting fly or bug buzzes by, they are certainly doomed if they are caught in the sticky trap. The more they struggle, vibrations are sent down the web to alert the spider that dinner’s ready. Yuck!