Little Sparky's Forest Fire Game

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“Whoa!  Hide your kindling!”

A colleague had us laughing over our s’mores when they played the game and made a comment about kindling.  This version 1.0 Little Sparky is the first in our intended series of forest fire games.  He is finally live in the App store and as we say in the office these days, we are  “Super Excited!!” about this first Little Sparky and his band of objects and enemies finally coming to life!

The idea for Little Sparky came about when we were clearing up some brush from a spring storm and doing a little “forest management” in the backyard by burning off a few honeysuckle branches…a well-known weed shrub in our area.  We have been following neighborhood conservation groups advice to try to keep this shrub under control by gradually cutting it back as much as possible after storm damage events.  The wood from these shrubs is perfect for an evening campfire because it burns hot and bright, putting out lots of sparks.

One evening, we sat around the fire pit roasting marshmallows for awhile bouncing around game ideas and character objects.  Sparky was born!  Coming up with a “spark” as the main character led us to crazy thoughts and ideas for logical enemies as well as a tongue-in-cheek goals for what does a real “Sparky” want to do:  “Burn down the forest, of course.”  “So how do we stop him?”  “Get him wet, of course.”  “How do we feed Sparky?”  “He likes to drink gasoline….” and on and on.   We were also really happy with our artist’s interpretation of the burly fireman, our main enemy in Little Sparky game.  Our animator took a basic idea from our pdf scan of a cocktail napkin drawing and added some fabulous boots and comic book jowls that we just love and will continue to build upon in future theme designs.

First in our series of forest fire games, this Little Sparky is a helicopter game that takes a delicate hand to get him to move where you want him to go before the fast moving water objects extinguish his spark.  More flammable objects are provided to earn points and extra character designs are available as in-app purchases, including a hipster blue Sparky with animated sunglasses.Blue-GM_Sparky_f01

We hope you will enjoy playing Sparky which is currently free to download for iPad and iPhone in the App Store.




Download the “Free Version” – now available

Download the “Pro Version” (ad free) – now available


Little Sparky’s Forest Fire Game v. 1.0 Screen Captures:

Forest Fire Games - screenshot 1 forest fire games - screenshot 2