Run Sparky Run

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Run Sparky Run: Keep Fires Burning In Dark Woods Escape Adventure

Keep the fires burning and avoid all water hazards in this forest adventure game “Run Sparky Run.” Sparky’s returned and he’s mad! This time he can move quicker through the woods with legs of speed. As you help Sparky run, you can earn extra character lives and bonus points by jumping to collect coins in the sky or by landing on objects that burn such as matches, bonfires, gasoline, and oil drums.In the meantime, you’ll want to avoid buckets of water, rain clouds, firemen and helicopters who will all try to douse Sparky. As you collect points and move through the game, the speed picks up but more opportunities appear allow you more scoring chances.


How To Play

Sparky will run from left-to-right on your screen.

Tap the screen above Sparky to make him jump from log to log and over water obstacles and to collect coins in the sky as well as other floating scoring objects.

By collecting more coins, you will earn additional “Lives” for longer play.

You will be promoted to the next game level based on distanced traveled within the game.

Note: Cash in coins/points to upgrade to “Shooting Sparky.” Here, tapping in front of Sparky allows you to shoot at obstacles, while tapping above Sparky allows you to jump from log to log and over obstacles.

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Game Features

  • Unique game play.
  • Bonus “Extra Character Lives” to start the game with the opportunity to earn more.
  • Multi-Level Play.
  • High Score and Bonus Point alerts.
  • Catchy music during the game.
  • Fun characters, including a “Shooting Sparky” to help you avoid enemy objects.
  • Awesome graphics.
  • Game Center enabled.
  • Kids Mode opportunity to allow players to live forever if the trout hits an enemy.
  • Kids Mode “off” button is also available.
  • “Remove Ads” paid feature is also available.