Consulting Services

Mountain Woods Media, LLC helps businesses and individuals with limited budgets in improving their Search Engine Optimization; Social Media and Online Reputation by providing online training and consulting. Our expertise is geared towards training small businesses owners and business teams in optimizing content and streamlining the content development process to assist with website and app optimization and building a digital base of positive reviews.

For our one-on-one private consulting service, we currently accept five or six consulting projects per year that match the following requirements:

  • You must have a minimum monthly budget of $500.
  • You will be able to commit to a six-month project agreement.
  • You’re willing to allow us full login access to your website, blog and all social networking accounts.
  • You’re willing to mentally, professionally and emotionally participate in the project process, as needed. This is an important part of our consultant engagement and keeps the workflow going smoothly, helps to build your organization’s capacity and grows your business.

If you feel you can meet the above project requirements, contact us via our “Talk To Us” page.

We routinely work with highly proprietary or confidential business data and welcome your NDA (non-disclosure) documents or can send one to you. Our team is intentionally small in order to maintain client service quality and data control.


Online Reputation Management Consulting


Search Engine Optimization Consulting


App Search (or Store) Optimization Consulting

How to Hire Us

We invoice payments directly for individualized consulting projects or long term clients via Paypal billing.

If you are seeking a customized consulting solution, let us know via email sent to “consulting” at our domain or by using the contact form below:

For Paypal billing or additional questions contact us directly using this web form.
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Honest and Ethical Guarantee

If you can’t give us a 5 star review, please let us know and we will fix it to your satisfaction or refund your payment.  100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked.