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polar bear winter weather gameWe’ve had a rough winter this year with plenty of snow, followed by freezing temperatures, followed by more snow. Needless-to-say, we are thankful our snow blower works!

Perhaps, the winter weather has been inspiration for our recent iOS game release: “Keep the Polar Bear Clean Falling Paintball Challenge.”

Here, your goal is to help the polar bear keep his winter coat as white as snow as he dodges red paintballs and other red objects at the North Pole. The game offers clues as to where the paint balls will fall. Your goal is to simply help the polar bear get out of the way!

You can review and purchase the game here:


The $2.99 purchase price includes all game features and there are no ads to interrupt your game play. The game is iOS 8 compatible and has been tested for all new iPhone and iPad devices.

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner (March 17), we have updated and released “Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Pot of Gold Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Challenge.”

You’ll need to rely on your puzzle skills – and a little bit of Irish luck – in order to solve this game of clovers.

The object is to pop the four-leaf clovers in the least amount of screen taps as possible. Each time a clover “pops,” gold coins will travel up, down, left and right on your screen and pop nearby clovers. However, some clovers require more than one tap in order to pop.

For example, tap the green clovers to immediately pop them with one tap. Gold clovers require two taps. Pink clovers need three taps, and blue clovers need four taps.

As you progress, each level becomes more difficult and challenging.

You can download this game for free here:


The game includes a Game Center leaderboard and in-game upgrades and purchasing options.

Have fun!



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Winter, it seems, is keeping a firm grip on us as February comes to a close.iphone-apps-image

However, we know we’re in-between seasons and we have a few fun holidays coming soon. So, depending on your mood, here are our Top 3 games for winter, spring or upcoming holidays.

Top 3 Winter Games

  • Bread? Milk? Grocery Supermarket Shopping Maze Challenge – Every time there’s a hint of snow or ice heading our way, people flock to the grocery store in a state of panic. In this game, you’ll buzz around the grocery store, while avoiding pesky ants! http://apple.co/1DZhbGd
  • Ice Cubes Frozen Strategy Challenge – Slide, push, drop and match the colorful ice cubes in this strategy game. http://apple.co/1LRjm1o
  • Cats and Dogs Snowball Polar Vortex War – The cats and dogs are at it again, but this time it’s a snowball fight! http://bit.ly/snowballwar

Top 3 Spring Games

  • The Trout Family Swim and Fish Adventure – Nothing beats a day of fishing (even if you don’t catch anything)! In this popular game, you’ll help the little trout swim upstream while avoiding fishermen, rocks and other obstacles. A new update was recently released for this app, with more updates coming soon. http://bit.ly/troutgame
  • Beach Blanket Balloon Palm Tree Tropical Matching Ring Toss – If you can’t escape the cold and snow, this game will at least help you pretend you’ll playing ring toss on the beach! http://apple.co/1Ex7dML
  • Spring Bouquet Basket Flower Drop: A Collection Game For Girls – While this is a cute and colorful game, it’s also quite a challenge! http://apple.co/1MYnvlA

Top 3 Upcoming Holiday Games

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Pot of Gold Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Challenge – Try out your luck by matching the four-leaf clovers! http://apple.co/18ucoBl
  • Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Leaping Over Prize Gold Game – Help the little leprechaun jump over the fire cauldrons and land on the pot of gold! http://apple.co/1auHPMt
  • Don’t Drop & Break the Easter Eggs Catching Basket Test – The chickens have been busy laying eggs for the Easter Bunny to deliver. Can you catch the eggs before they drop? http://apple.co/1wqszVi
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We hate snow.cats and dogs

Well, we only hate it if we have to go out in it. Otherwise, it’s sometimes nice to see the frozen picture Mother Nature paints for us.

Ice? Well, that’s a different story, especially if we lose power (and our precious Internet connection).

We remember, as children (a long, long, long time ago…) snow meant school closings; building a snowman; sledding; forts; a snowball fight, followed by wet clothes and hot chocolate. We didn’t care how much snow we received or how cold it was. Bring it on!

Anymore, however, we’ll just watch it snow; check the weather forecast; make grilled cheese; sip tomato soup (with dry clothes) and make hot chocolate.

Those snow memories served as inspiration for our latest iOS game – “Cats and Dogs Snowball Polar Vortex War” http://bit.ly/snowballwar – features a cat and a dog taking advantage of a recent snowfall to have an old-fashioned snowball fight.

This free game can be played by one or two players as the cat and dog take turns throwing snowballs over the fence at each other.

Players tap and hold down on the dog or cat character to grow the power throwing meter (which measures throwing distance). Release your finger to throw!

There are also a few snowball throwing options – like the kind we wish we had in those neighborhood snowball fights – that allow you a “Double Attack” or “Three Snowballs” and more.

“Cats and Dogs Snowball Polar Vortex War” also features three different playing levels and three differed leaderboards in Game Center.

One in-app purchase allows users to turn off ads for $2.99 or, if you prefer, you can purchase our ad-free version – “Cats and Dogs Snowball Polar Vortex War PRO” here: http://bit.ly/snowballwarpro.

* * *

You can follow us on social media for new game information and updates.

Find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/MountainWoodsMedia.

We’re also on Twitter with @MtnWoodsMedia.


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bitly is more than a link shortening toolThere are plenty of tools we like to use when it comes to development and marketing our apps, but since Valentine’s Day is approaching we thought we’d highlight a particular service that we really “love.”


In a nutshell, bitly (http://bitly.com) is a free link shortening service allowing users to take a long link (for an article, blog, app, etc.) and make it into a shorter one. This is a valuable tool for Twitter users, who are limited to 140 characters per Tweet. You can also use the same short link in other social media avenues such as Facebook, Google + etc., and be consistent in your link building and sharing efforts.

For example, let’s say we wanted to share a link to our game in Twitter, Facebook, etc. Here’s the long link to our game “The Trout Family Swim and Fish Adventure” located in iTunes:


However, with bitly, we can shorten the link to this:


See the huge difference? We shortened the 81-character link to 21 characters.

Now, let’s take it one step further. When you sign up for a free bitly account, you can customize your bitly links. Therefore, our short link to our fishing game:


…can be changed to this or to anything we’d like:


How cool is that?

In addition, bitly saves all your shortened links and tracks clicks to your bitly links.

Tracking your clicks is extremely important in order to gauge what your fans and followers are clicking; what day; time of day, etc. Recently, we discovered our Sunday clicks aren’t that great, so we might change things up a bit on Sunday in order to earn better engagement. Also, bitly highly recommends A/B testing with your links http://bit.ly/1EVoW1H.

There are other bitly alternatives, such as:

* Google http://goo.gl/

* Tiny URL http://tinyurl.com/

* Ow.ly http://ow.ly/url/shorten-url (which is also available within Hootsuite).

Which link shortener do you use?

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As app developers, we face different challenges every day when it comes to getting our games approved by iTunes Connect.Screenshot showing man with gun

The iTunes Connect reviewer (sometimes we love ’em and sometimes we don’t) follows a set of guidelines and, when we “break” the rules, our game will be rejected. We get over it; fix the problem and resubmit our app for another review. This process takes up to 10 days – or longer – to be reviewed. If you are rejected, then the review process starts all over again.

We can create a new game in less than a week, but then we’ll have to wait another week or so in order to see if the reviewer will approve our game. Obviously, this can be a stressful process, especially if you are running against a tight deadline and plan on submitting a holiday game 10 days before Christmas, etc.

Recently, we had a rough time getting a free game through the approval process as one of our screen captures (an action picture of the game) contained a character holding a gun. He wasn’t shooting the gun; he was just holding it. We’ve added the rejected screenshot to this blog post for your review.

Spy Girl Unstoppable Femal Secret Agent Espionage PlotNote: Our game “Spy Girl: Unstoppable Female Secret Agent Espionage Plot” is available starting today on the iTunes App Store. You can download it here: http://bit.ly/MWMspygirl

At first, we increased the recommended age settings for the game (due to the gun), but that didn’t work and we received another rejection. The player’s age had nothing to do with the rejection. Instead, it had to do with the screen shot of the villain holding a gun.

So, we deleted the screen shot – and we had to delete the screen shot in all 28 languages and stores that we had submitted the app.

Problem solved. Lesson learned.

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We knew eventually the day would come when we were forced to update our apps.updating apps

People (especially app designers) aren’t always keen on change or updating apps. However, when Apple released new devices and a new operating system, developers had to keep up with the times or be left behind. Sometimes, it feels like once we catch up with software updates we don’t have much “down” time before a new device hits the market. Perhaps, this is job security!

New screen sizes with the iPhone 6 and IPhone 6+ (which run 64-bit apps) meant that some of our games didn’t run properly. We wondered how many users purchased a new phone or received one as a gift during the holidays? How many are still playing our apps on iPhone 5?


During the last three months of 2014, consumers purchased the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in record numbers. In fact, during the fourth quarter, Apple shipped nearly 75 million iPhones!


Since December, we’ve made sure our recent game releases run properly on the new devices. Now, however, we’re going back to some of our earlier releases and more popular games and making sure they too will run properly on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and other new devices. While we’re at it, our updated games will include some new features; bonus point opportunities; power-ups; extra playing times; ability to make in-app purchases and more. Details will be coming soon.

trout gameOur first updated game will be the ever-popular “The Trout Family Swim and Fish Adventure” (version 3.0). This is a fun game and it’s very easy to play. The simple object of the game is to swim upstream; jump from waterfall to waterfall (without falling off) and avoid obstacles along the way.

If you’re ready for the current version (iPhone 5, etc.), follow the links for either the free version or the paid version of our game.

Free:   http://bit.ly/1CqdOJ9     Pro:    http://bit.ly/1zN9SBP

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kitty cat photo contestNew Cat Game and a Kitty Cat Photo Contest

We live and breathe by cat pics! It’s what keeps us laughing every day! If you post a picture of your cat this week — the funnier the better — we will reward your effort with an App Store promo code that will let you download our newest game: “Meow! Lotto the Lazy Cat and the Singing Mice PRO.” This game is ad free with no strings attached. But hurry, post your kittenish cat pics before the codes are gone if you want to score a free game on ITunes and some fun cat mischief.

Cat Picture Rules

Either post to our Facebook page or shout out to us on Twitter @mtnwoodsmedia sharing your best Kitty Cat Photo.  These need to be selfie pictures of “your” cat, not a picture you sneakily snagged from someone else’s web page. But what constitutes “your” cat can also mean your sister’s cat, your neighbor’s cat, your granny’s cat or maybe a rescue cat you love to go visit at the animal shelter but can’t perhaps adopt yet. Or maybe because you have a new baby in the house or a no pet policy in your building.

So get it? Your cat picture needs to be about a special cat that you really like or know and want to tell us about and share with us. We love cat stories as much as we love cats! And if you really make us laugh, we might make a game about your cat or just send an unexpected promo code to you for another game at a later date!

A Little About How to Play this Game

The mice have been singing all night keeping the family awake. If Lotto the Lazy cat and his best pal Itty Bitty Kitty are going to earn their supper and cat treats, they are going to have to catch some of these pesky mice.

Your goal is to climb the counters and jump to various platforms in order to stop the singing mice and collect them with your friend Itty Bitty to win points.

Take turns tapping and dragging Lotto (the black cat) and Itty Bitty Kitty (the cat wearing the blue hat) from platform to platform “eating” mice and other food along the way.

You will need to place both cats under the “Finish” line banner in order to complete and level and move to the next challenge.

As you advance, you’ll find more objects to eat, but more obstacles will be in your way, so watch out for those sneaky mice and their traps!

If you listen closely to the theme music you will hear the singing mice!

“Meow! Lotto the Lazy Cat and the Singing Mice PRO” Details

kitty cat photo contest– Fun, fast finger sweep action!

– Portrait style game, perfect for your phone.

– Creative kitty comic book style characters.

– Game description has been translated in several languages

– Cheerful cat video style ukelele music.

Download it on the App Store Here!

Game Inspiration

There are two real cats named “Lotto” and “Itty Bitty Kitty” that live with my parents. They were both stray cats originally that needed a home. Lotto is lucky to be alive and thus his name. He is enormous and likes to lay on the kitchen table when my parents are asleep (which gets him in trouble!) Itty Bitty is tiny and prissy and fluffy. She has a crackly meow. She frequently whacks Lotto with her paw just to show him that she’s in charge, but they are the best of pals. They are lazy and don’t really like to catch mice, but they do love their kitty treats.


So send us your cat pics via a mention on Twitter or posting on our Facebook page and you will receive a code for a free game by private message in Facebook or via DM on Twitter.

We promise not to spam or sell your name or release any of your contact information.  This is just a fun project for all of us to spread the word about special cats!

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New version includes several game upgrades and integrates Nextpeer for head-to-head play and tournament competition opportunities.

Worldwide, October 25, 2013

Mountain Woods Media, LLC has released a new version of its iOS app “Splatz and Batz” with new game features including NextPeer multiplayer compatibility.

The free app, available in Apple’s App Store, is based on the concept of helping insects avoid busy, oncoming highway traffic in order to keep the bug character from becoming a “splat” on a windshield.

splatz-screen-capPlayers have the opportunity to choose from four bug characters – (all free) and can earn points by collecting leaves, dandelions and pieces of candy.

The new version (v1.2) adds:

  • Starting the game with additional character lives.
  • Opportunity to earn extra lives during game play.
  • Earn “Power Ups” during game play, which increase game speed and/or create additional scoring opportunities.
  • Game levels.
  • Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Mute sound.

Apple’s Game Center and NextPeer’s Multiplayer are also included for head-to-head and tournament play. Players can turn off ads within the game and/or add a Kids Mode for invincible game play, for a small additional charge.

Mountain Woods Media, LLC is a mobile application (app) development company specializing in creating business, hobby, special-interest and game apps.

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As a child groTornado Chase Cowwing up in Indiana, one of the common weather occurrences you could always count on was the threat of spring and summer storms brewing up a tornado.  The town sirens would wail and local television and radio stations would blast loud tones and display multi-colored maps of approaching storms.

Once, a small tornado caused some damage to mailboxes and the sidewalk in front of our house. Several years later, a tornado picked up our dog house from the back yard and dropped it off in the front yard while causing major damage to houses across the street. Some close calls!

Today, however, with advances in satellite, radar and warning systems, we are warned hours – if not days – in advance of a possible threat of a major storm. In turn, this has created a group of daring individuals called “Storm Chasers” who literally “chase” storms in hopes of capturing live video coverage of wind, lightning, tornados and storm damage. Other amateur storm chasers need only to be armed with a smart phone or a palm-sized camera to capture any storms in their neighborhood.

In 1996, the movie “Twister” was released starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton as part of a team of storm chasers researching tornados.

Real-life storm chasers were the basis for our latest iOS game, a storm chaser app called “Tornado Chase Severe Weather Adventure”.  This app allows players to become storm chasers shooting videos of tornados, while avoiding obstacles and lightning along the way. Watch out for the flying cow!

Tornados are also referred to as twisters or cyclones and come in many sizes and shapes. Most tornados have wind speeds of less than 110 miles per hour and, usually, travel only a few miles before dissipating. Some tornados, although rare, have reached higher speeds and have stretched more than two miles wide. Tornados have been observed on every continent except Antarctica.

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clown games

Found my Circus Button!

The only trip my family made to the circus was when I was 8 years old.  It was a classic Barnum and Bailey event and somewhere in the office junk drawer there is a very bright pink button to prove attendance.  Burned to memory and still vivid to this day were the elephants, the ringmaster, the multiple clowns and the music.  As a child, clowns were not scary to me.  I always thought it was fun to be able to dress up, put on face paint in order to be completely anonymous and then be socially “allowed” to do any crazy thing you wanted to do because you were a clown!

As we set about building our Wrong Way Sam circus game, we wanted to bring some replica music of a real circus and the look and feel of vintage toys in a circus setting that would appeal to any culture.  We spent a lot of time on the animation build with our “toys” that Sam picks up during this game play: the pinwheel, the spinning block, several types of balloons.  Several of the death objects are also animated.  Our favorite is probably the bumper car with the crazy driver.  Just as in real life, you don’t die right away if you hit the bumper car, but we will keep it a mystery on how many times you can hit the crazy bumper car guy and still live to finish this clown game!

This “Wrong Way Sam” game has been fun for us to play as designers because it starts out slow, but eventually goes breathtakingly fast once you pick up a couple of power ups or an extra life which will speed you through.  Be careful coming out of the power up as you can usually get slammed by the police car or the ice cream cart.  If you can live long enough, do listen to all of the music on the entire game loop – it is circus fun to the max and we never get tired of listening to it or playing this Wrong Way Sam game.  We hope you enjoy it too.