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As developers we tend to spend a lot of time perfecting, tweaking and updating our apps in hopes of building the next “Flappy Bird” or “CaTrue ASOndy Crush.”

We think: “This game is going to be so awesome; I’ll be able to (fill in the blank with your dreams here)!”

However, many apps are missing the one true element that keeps users from finding it: App Store Optimization, also known as ASO.

ASO is like SEO (search engine optimization), except it’s strictly for apps in the Apple Store, Google Play Store, etc.

It includes these key elements:

  • Researching and finding the best possible keywords for your app.
  • Writing a strong app title.
  • Selecting the best keywords for your app’s keyword section.
  • Writing a well-optimized app description (although some say descriptions don’t factor in app rankings, it’s still your opportunity to sell your app).

Like SEO, true ASO isn’t a one-and-done task. Just like updating your app with new features, you’ll always want to continue to improve your app store optimization.


  • Using app ranking and keyword tools such as AppAnnie, Sensor Tower and others. If your app isn’t ranking high on certain keywords, then you may want to consider using different keywords.
  • Research your competition. What keywords are they targeting, and why? Don’t copy the keywords from the top-rated app and expect your app to earn higher rankings. Instead, research all the top apps for a particular keyword. Dig deep and find some better keywords!
  • If your app is ranking high on a particular keyword, then you may want to consider keywords related to your best keyword. For example, one of our apps ranks high on the keyword “trout,” so we might want to consider other “fish” keywords such as “bass,” “catfish,” etc.
  • Improve your app description. If you’re stuck, read other app descriptions for motivation and ideas. Don’t steal description content.

By applying these basic ASO principles, you’ll start to see improvements in your app’s rankings and downloads!


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