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Turkey Maze GameUh oh, it looks like Tom Turkey and his friends are hoping they can avoid another Thanksgiving holiday and escape the farm!

If you recall, Tom Turkey survived the dinner table last year in the first edition of our Thanksgiving maze games, a portrait style app called the  “Turkey Meadow Gobble Jump & Thanksgiving Survival Game.”

This time, however, Farmer Brown hopes his maze can keep the turkeys pinned up in our newest app “Escape From Turkey Meadow Thanksgiving Maze Challenge.” You can help Tom Turkey (and his pals) weave through a landscape style maze of hay bales; corn stalks; sticks and more.   We think this year’s escape will be even harder!

Here’s how the game works:

Tap and hold your find on the Turkey character and drag your way through the farmer’s maze.

Avoid the hay bales; piles of sticks; corn stalks; baskets of potatoes and watch out for Farmer Brown!

Along the way, collect the golden turkey coins. Collect a “pumpkin” to earn an extra game life!

There are free turkeys – Tom Turkey and Tina Turkey – and the game also includes 2 game lives for longer game play. Additional turkeys and other game options are available for an additional purchase.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Talk Like A TurkeyUnofficially, Thursday, November 27, 2014 is “Talk Like A Turkey Day.”

OK, really, it’s Thanksgiving in the United States, but you can have a lot of fun – and drive your friends and family crazy – with our second iOS chat texting app for iPhone “Gobble Gobble: Talk Like A Turkey.”

The app, which is available only for iPhone, is FREE. All in-app purchases are also FREE.

You can download our “Turkey Chat” app here:


Here’s how the app works:

When you open the app, you’ll see the Invite Screen. If necessary, tap the “square” button at the bottom of the “Gobble Gobble” window.

Tap the “&” button to open your iPhone’s Contact list.

Tap a contact’s name.

Save your contact’s name within the “Gobble Gobble” program (this will save you time when you want to send them another “Turkey” message).

Once you have saved the contact’s name, tap the “OK I’m done” button. You will now see your Friend has been saved to the “Choose Friend” screen.

Tap the Friend’s name and then tap an icon (such as the car or football icon) to get a message.

A new message window opens within your iPhone’s messaging program, complete with your Friend’s name in the “To” field and the message within the “Message” field.

Tap “Send.”

You’re done!

In all, there are 11 FREE, pre-written messages you can tap and quickly send to your friends!

This will help make your Thanksgiving holiday a little more fun!