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As a child groTornado Chase Cowwing up in Indiana, one of the common weather occurrences you could always count on was the threat of spring and summer storms brewing up a tornado.  The town sirens would wail and local television and radio stations would blast loud tones and display multi-colored maps of approaching storms.

Once, a small tornado caused some damage to mailboxes and the sidewalk in front of our house. Several years later, a tornado picked up our dog house from the back yard and dropped it off in the front yard while causing major damage to houses across the street. Some close calls!

Today, however, with advances in satellite, radar and warning systems, we are warned hours – if not days – in advance of a possible threat of a major storm. In turn, this has created a group of daring individuals called “Storm Chasers” who literally “chase” storms in hopes of capturing live video coverage of wind, lightning, tornados and storm damage. Other amateur storm chasers need only to be armed with a smart phone or a palm-sized camera to capture any storms in their neighborhood.

In 1996, the movie “Twister” was released starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton as part of a team of storm chasers researching tornados.

Real-life storm chasers were the basis for our latest iOS game, a storm chaser app called “Tornado Chase Severe Weather Adventure”.  This app allows players to become storm chasers shooting videos of tornados, while avoiding obstacles and lightning along the way. Watch out for the flying cow!

Tornados are also referred to as twisters or cyclones and come in many sizes and shapes. Most tornados have wind speeds of less than 110 miles per hour and, usually, travel only a few miles before dissipating. Some tornados, although rare, have reached higher speeds and have stretched more than two miles wide. Tornados have been observed on every continent except Antarctica.

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Found my Circus Button!

The only trip my family made to the circus was when I was 8 years old.  It was a classic Barnum and Bailey event and somewhere in the office junk drawer there is a very bright pink button to prove attendance.  Burned to memory and still vivid to this day were the elephants, the ringmaster, the multiple clowns and the music.  As a child, clowns were not scary to me.  I always thought it was fun to be able to dress up, put on face paint in order to be completely anonymous and then be socially “allowed” to do any crazy thing you wanted to do because you were a clown!

As we set about building our Wrong Way Sam circus game, we wanted to bring some replica music of a real circus and the look and feel of vintage toys in a circus setting that would appeal to any culture.  We spent a lot of time on the animation build with our “toys” that Sam picks up during this game play: the pinwheel, the spinning block, several types of balloons.  Several of the death objects are also animated.  Our favorite is probably the bumper car with the crazy driver.  Just as in real life, you don’t die right away if you hit the bumper car, but we will keep it a mystery on how many times you can hit the crazy bumper car guy and still live to finish this clown game!

This “Wrong Way Sam” game has been fun for us to play as designers because it starts out slow, but eventually goes breathtakingly fast once you pick up a couple of power ups or an extra life which will speed you through.  Be careful coming out of the power up as you can usually get slammed by the police car or the ice cream cart.  If you can live long enough, do listen to all of the music on the entire game loop – it is circus fun to the max and we never get tired of listening to it or playing this Wrong Way Sam game.  We hope you enjoy it too.