About Mountain Woods Media, LLC

Mountain Woods Media, LLC helps businesses and individuals with limited budgets in improving their Search Engine Optimization; Social Media and Online Reputation by providing online training and consulting.

Developing and implementing a solid and effective search engine optimization (SEO) plan is vital in ensuring that your local, regional, national or international business can gain more website traffic, increase sales and earn higher rankings in Google and other search engines.

Online reputation is determined by how you are perceived in search results. Negative business reviews; blogs; articles; legal matters; photographs, videos and more can all impact your online reputation. A poor online reputation can hurt future sales for your business, and employment opportunities for individuals.

How to engage Mountain Woods Media, LLC for your project

Visit our “Training” page for a complete list of our do-it-yourself online training courses.  Once you have completed 10% of any of our courses, you will be invited to our private messaging forum where you can ask more in-depth questions.

For one-on-one private consulting, we currently accept five or six consulting projects per year that match the following requirements:

  • You have a minimum monthly budget of $500.
  • You will be able to commit to a six-month project agreement.
  • You’re willing to allow us full login access to your website, blog and all social networking accounts.
  • You’re willing to participate in the project process, as needed. This is an important part of our engagement and keeps the workflow going smoothly.

If you feel you meet the above project requirements, contact us via our “Talk To Us” page.

Follow us now; hire us later

Read our blog “On The Mountain” which contains many tactics and tips on search engine optimization and online reputation management as well as training course updates and free videos. Here, you can also read about our latest project work or ask us a relevant question per those posts.

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